Death Race 2000 (1975) – Movie Review by Max Coulson



So, I spent a good chunk of last night watching Roger Corman interviews, and it got me thinking about how many movies he’s produced that I just fucking loved when I was a kid, and this one pretty much tops the list.

This was one of those movies I watched all the time when I was younger, and may be the only VHS tape I came close to wearing out as much as Road House.  The weird thing is, though, I think the last time I watched it before now was when I was about 14.

So, the big question is: Does it hold up?  Fucking yeah, it does!  It may actually be funnier, watching as an adult.  I always laughed at the scene near the beginning, where Frankenstein runs over the group of nurses, after they put all the old people in the middle of the road to die  –  but what actually made me laugh more, this time around, was Frankenstein casually referring to it as “Euthanasia Day at the geriatrics hospital.”

The actual racing scenes also hold up really well.  Yeah, it’s obvious that a lot of the footage has been sped up – but the scenes are shot well and are edited with a certain energy that really added a lot to those scenes.  I also appreciated that, when the actors were exchanging dialogue while driving – they were actually in moving vehicles, for the most part.  At no point do we see them in front of a projector screen.

This is just a really fun, schlock-fest of a movie, with some pretty good political satire, some great action sequences, people having their heads ran over, and topless women because, hey, it was the 70’s!

Actually, with that last part in mind, I’d just like to take the time to note how refreshing it is to watch an exploitation movie made in the 70’s, where none of the female characters get violently raped.  That’s…  that’s just great.

So yeah, see this movie – it’s fun!


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